When is the Right Time to Sell?
Trying to time the market can be difficult to almost impossible. Waiting for buyer demand to go up and interest to go down is a betting game. It may be right around the corner, or it may be years from now. Keep in mind that if everybody could time the market, we would all be rich.

Here are a few reasons you may want to sell your home:

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to sell your home. You could have an increased or decreased income, and so you want to move in to a home that better fits your financial situation. You may want to move into a school district that you feel is better for your kids. Or maybe you have a growing family and you could use some more space.

Selling your home can be for a range of reasons. While you should be paying attention to what is going on in the housing market, the choice to buy or sell your home is up to you. Make a financial plan that you are comfortable with. If you can meet or come close to your goal, it may be the right time to sell.

When should you put your home on the market?

So you have finally decided to sell your home. Now you just need to find the right time to put it on the market. To do this, you will need to gather some information.

First, find out your loan payoff amount so you have a pretty good idea of what your sales proceeds will be after you've paid off all home loans and paid your closing costs, including the REALTOR®'s commissions.

Then you will want to check out what houses are going for around your neighborhood. Be sure to consult with multiple REALTORS® about the current market conditions. They will be able to help you estimate what you should put your house on the market for; as well as tell you how long it may or may not be on the market.

A lot of sellers tend to put there houses on the market during the springtime. That is usually when buyers are looking to purchase a home. That doesn't mean you have to wait until then! If you have an attractive home and an attractive price, you will be able to find a buyer at anytime of the year. Many people look for many reasons, you don't have to wait until spring to show them what they are looking for!

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